Neighborhood Valentine No. 1


“I like to walk Lilly to the community garden.”

- Valentine by Isaac M., age 7

“Love” is not easily defined.  Yet, somehow, the simplest expressions of true affection and appreciation are often the ones that come closest to capturing the truth of our sentiments.  The work of putting our feelings into words is not always easy, but we are drawn to the task even as children writing, “I Love You, Mom.”  This, I believe, is why each of us should take the time to write a love note—the craft and creation of a Valentine is not solely for the recipient, it is for the author who gains something from the struggle to articulate hidden thoughts.

Love notes come in a variety of shapes and sizes—a quick word scrawled on a post-it, a sonnet written in perfect form, a crayon drawing.  The Peanuts cartoonist, Charles Schulz, offered his take on the subject with a book in which the title says it all—Love is Walking Hand-in-Hand. As we enter the season of candy conversation hearts and secret admirers, I asked a few of my neighbors to contribute their thoughts on what they love about their neighborhood—in old-fashioned Valentine form!  Countdown to the celebration of Valentine’s Day with me and add your thoughts on what you are lovin’ about the hood!

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