Neighborhood Valentine No. 2

“Miss Dee’s Spiritual Family”

-A Valentine for Geoff, Sherry, and Isaac by Miss Dee

Miss Dee comes to the home of Geoff, Sherry, and Isaac each week for dinner.  She enjoys singing and loves salad, but as I joined her at their table last week and asked her to share about what she loves about our neighborhood, she quickly replied, “This right here, this is what I love.”  A warm meal shared with friends, good conversation, and a cup of tea—that certainly sounds worthy of a Valentine.  For the friends who have become family, Ms. Dee drew a family portrait.

We each have something to gain from the creative expression of our appreciation.  With this in mind, I have begun to collect the reflections of my neighbors on their neighborhood—in old-fashioned Valentine form!  The countdown to the celebration of Valentine’s Day began yesterday.  Add your thoughts on what you are lovin’ about the hood!

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