No. 24

Valentine By Kurt & Kremena

"I Love Intersections" By Kremena & Kurt

A city is a strange and wondrous thing.  It can function as a microcosm of Earth with various ecosystems, cycles, and lifeforms existing within its bounds, while also bearing resemblance to an organism that lives, breathes, and excretes waste.  In a spectacular exploration of the city’s complexity, entitled Cities, Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich of Radiolab went in search of the “details that make urban life unique.”  In one hour, they use science and the sounds of the street to discuss and study the rhythm, nature, and personality of places.  The question they pose is, “How do cities work?  Is there some deep organic logic that holds all these people together?”  Throughout their adventures, they ask more questions than they find answers.  Nevertheless, they dramatically capture the fascinating diversity to be found in urban settings and make a strong case for taking the time to “ask what makes cities tick.”

Today’s valentine illustrates the beauty and complexity of the city as “planet.”  Its creators, Kurt & Kremena, wanted to create an image “to include more of the neighborhood, a greater intersection.”  One can marvel at the kaleidescope as a whole or zoom in on it and begin to see details that were at first hidden.  This work is part of a project in our neighborhood called Lovin’ the ‘hood.  Through creative expression, these neighbors are supporting a new approach to the celebration of Valentine’s Day.  We believe declaring our love for the people, places, and things in our vicinity can bring fresh conversation and appreciation to communities.  May the love of our neighborhood bring a little love to you and yours!

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