“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use it, the more you have.” 
–Maya Angelou

There are fundamental elements a neighborhood requires to thrive.  Like the food, water, and shelter we each need to survive, a community needs communal dwelling places, interdependence and communication among its members, and a measure of security and stability to flourish.  We come by these resources via economic and social means, but the underlying force behind development or regeneration of community connections is something we can all access:  pure and simple creativity.  With it, one is able to multiply even the most meager economic or social resources, yet this asset requires no special degree or qualification.  We each bear creative potential.  We each have the ability to harness a great deal of ingenuity for the purposes and goals we set forth.  If we choose to do so, we can also generate growth in our neighborhoods through creative acts.

The challenge, then, is gaining confidence and discipline in using our abilities.  Like a scientist working toward a breakthrough or a musician honing his concerto, we must work toward developing our skills.  A recent article in Banner magazine set forth the premise that “ideas continue to be humankind’s means of changing the world.”  It went on to outline the ways in which each of us can foster creativity from day to day, but it also highlighted the fact that we will encounter resistance as we exercise our creativity.

So, take a moment to assess.  Are you putting your creative capital to good use?  Do you need some inspiration to gain insight into what your creative capacities may be?  Have you encountered obstacles that have discouraged you in the use of your abilities?  Is it difficult to imagine a way to utilize your creativity to foster connections in your community?

This month, as some look for signs of spring, I am in search of creativity.  As I scavenge for examples of creativity in its everyday form, I welcome you to bring your thoughts on the subject.  I will share discoveries, questions, and book recommendations here.  In the meantime, put your imagination to work and we can conjure quite a creative conversation.

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